12 Gauge 1-1/8 oz Target Shotshell Wads Power Piston One-Piece 500 count


Short Description: The REMINGTON COMPONENTS 12 Gauge 1-1/8 oz Target Shotshell Wads Power Piston One-Piece is the ultimate choice for reloaders, offering unmatched performance and versatility.

Full Description: REMINGTON COMPONENTS presents the 12 Gauge 1-1/8 oz Target Shotshell Wads Power Piston One-Piece, a game-changer in the world of shotshell reloading supplies. Our one-piece shot cup/wad columns are unrivaled, catering to a wide range of needs, from heavy 10 gauge magnums to the lightest small-bore target loads, including the .410.

When it comes to critical 12-gauge clay target loads, our exclusive Figure 8™ wad is a must-have on every reloading bench. Designed with precision, it offers superior performance and consistency. For 1-oz. 12-gauge loads, our volume calibrated TGT-12 wad is the perfect choice.

What sets our shotshell wads apart is the new stitched petal design featured in both the Figure 8 and TGT-12 wads. This innovative design ensures easier reloading by keeping the wads separated. Additionally, our wads are interchangeable with the older non-stitched versions, providing convenience and flexibility.

Rest assured, our shotshell wads are crafted with Remington Factory Quality design, guaranteeing reliability and durability. Made from virgin plastic, they deliver exceptional performance under all conditions.

Whether you’re a target shooter or a field enthusiast, our complete line of wads caters to all your needs. Trust REMINGTON COMPONENTS for top-notch shotshell reloading supplies that elevate your shooting experience.

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