Ramshot Magnum Smokeless Rifle Powder (8 Lbs)


The Ramshot Magnum Smokeless Rifle Powder (8 Lbs) is a high-quality propellant designed specifically for rifle cartridges. With its consistent burn rate and clean-burning properties, this powder offers excellent performance and accuracy. It is suitable for a wide range of rifle calibers and is ideal for long-range shooting and hunting applications. This smokeless powder is formulated to provide consistent and reliable performance in various rifle cartridges, with a controlled burn rate for consistent velocities and pressures shot after shot. It features a clean-burning formula that reduces fouling and residue buildup, making cleaning easier. The Magnum powder is versatile and suitable for long-range shooting, hunting, competitive shooting, and reloading. It delivers high energy, maintains temperature stability, and ensures reliable ignition and consistent ballistics. However, it is crucial to consult reloading manuals and follow safe reloading practices when using any smokeless powder.

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