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IMR Powder

IMR Powder is the premier smokeless powder choice for many shooters and reloaders. Offering a wide selection of powders, IMR has something for every shooter’s needs. Whether you’re looking to load up a target round or share some time plinking with friends, IMR powder has you covered. Midsouth Shooters is the ideal go-to source of everything related to gunpowder and priming supplies, including an extensive selection of IMR Powders—ready for your reloading goals.

IMR Powder is one of the finest propellants on the market today and can provide improved accuracy in firearms when compared to other brands. Made by the same company as Powder Valley, IMR has a number of different powder materials that are available for purchase. Consumers have the option to buy 1 lb canisters or 8 lb jugs with all of the same material so they don’t have to worry about accidental cross-contamination.

Although, since IMR is not licensed to sell explosives in the United States it would need to be delivered from across seas, usually from the UK. However, international purchasers can contact Henry Krank who distributes IMR powders across Europe and the Americas in various size containers that fit each customer’s needs. No matter what size you’re looking for, whether it’s small or large amounts, Henry Krank will often have an answer. So if you’re looking for a top-quality propellant – look no further than IMR Powder!

Where to buy Powder IMR

Look no further than Trail Boss, one of the most popular go-to for powder IMR. Trail Boss offers low-pressure light loads perfect for common caliber rounds such as 9mm and .223 Remington, making it a great choice for shoothouse, pest control, or general range use. Other reliable options include 4895, 4198, Enduron 4166, 4451, and 4955—all designed with shooters in mind who may call for a wider variety of propellants in different calibers and weapons systems. Regardless of your need—or desired outcome—Powder Imr for sale provides more value than its competitors due to its superior burning characteristics while also significantly reducing barrel leading when properly loaded.

Powder IMR also offers a series of magnum rifle powders, designed specifically for high-pressure cartridges such as .308 Winchester and .30-06. These propellants are specifically designed to ensure consistent accuracy and performance, no matter the situation or environment. With a wide variety of burning rates, IMR magnum rifle powder provides reliable performance and velocities in a range of bullet weights and powders.

For handgun shooters, IMR offers unmatched versatility that allows shooters to tailor their loads for maximum accuracy and performance. Whether you’re loading light target rounds or full-power hunting loads, IMR has a powder to get the job done. Handgun powders such as Hi-Skor 700-X and Unique offer excellent metering characteristics, allowing for easy reloading and consistent performance.

Midsouth Shooters offers a full selection of IMR powders, designed to get you the most out of your reloads while ensuring consistency and accuracy for every trip to the range. Whether you’re looking for magnum rifle powder or light target loads, IMR has you covered. Shop Midsouth Shooters today and experience the difference!

Buy IMR 4064 powder

IMR 4064 powder is an extremely popular and versatile smokeless gunpowder produced by the E. I DuPont company. Their production of this type of gunpowder has been in operation for over two hundred years, and their trust from reloaders around the world makes IMR 4064 powder one of the best options on the market. This powder IMR can be used for various applications including 223 Remington, 22-250 Remington, 220 Swift, 6mm Remington, 243 Winchester Super Short Magnum, and 308 Winchester, Additionally, it can be used for 338 Winchester Magnum and many other cartridges as well.

IMR 4064 is designed to be both uniform and accurate in its burning patterns providing no lag between shot to shot times. It produces consistent burning without giving off a large amount of smoke or leaving behind any more residue than necessary which helps with keeping your firearm clean and working optimally over time. If you’re looking for a reliable gunpowder to handle a variety of shooting ranges or just want something that offers top-of-its-class accuracy and uniformity then you won’t go wrong with IMR 4064 powder.

IMR 4064 powder is a standard loading powder with a medium burn rate that is highly prized by rifle reloaders for its reputation of accuracy, uniformity, and versatility. It is mostly used in popular cartridges such as .223 Remington, .22-250 Remmington, 220 Swift, and .243 Winchester Super Short Magnum. Loads using IMR 4064 powder have proven to be exceptionally accurate in distance shooting competitions as well as hunting situations. Its consistency also allows the shooter to be more precise with their load development by allowing a more predictable performance time after time.

IMR 4064 Smokeless Powder is also suitable for larger calibers such as the .308 Winchester and .338 Winchester Magnum due to its ability to provide good velocities while burning cleanly and without excessive muzzle flash or report. This makes it an excellent choice for longer-range target shooting and hunting applications where low recoil and sound suppression are desirable qualities. Reloaders can purchase IMR 4064 online from various dealers or gun stores with convenience, allowing them access to this reliable powder whenever needed.

IMR 4350 Smokeless Powder (1 lb or 8 lbs)

The IMR 4350 Smokeless Powder is an excellent choice for rifle rounds such as .22-250 Remington, .220 Swift, and many others. It is a powerful powder that offers consistent performance, stability, and precision reliability. It has been used by hunters and shooters for years. The propellant comes in two convenient sizes- 1 lb or 8 lbs. For those reloaders looking to economize their production of loaded cartridges, the 8lb size can be quite cost effective. In addition to being a good value, 8lbs of powder increases volume per container which decreases shipping costs.

Additionally, the IMR 4350 Smokeless Powder is well known for its accuracy capability with moderate pressures which makes it suitable for use with smaller cartridges such as .22-250 saving time when developing loads needing minimal powder adjustment. Its extremely temperature-insensitive burning rate makes it useful under varying environmental conditions making it a great option for long-distance shooters or competitive marksmen seeking no fluctuation in velocities due to changing weather conditions. The majority of reloaders can attest to this powder’s consistent results and its ability to work with centerfire rifles across calibers from mild to wild will ensure sound competition performance over various distances while still meeting OAL requirements.

Whether you are a hunter, competition shooter or just looking for a great all-around powder for your reloads, IMR 4350 Smokeless Powder is an excellent option to consider. Its clean burning ability and consistent performance will give you reliability shot after shot and its temperature-insensitive burning rate offers consistency in varying conditions. This powder is sure to provide the accuracy and precision you need to ensure a successful trip to the range.

IMR 4831 Powder

IMR 4831 is a versatile powder used for precision reloading in rifle and handgun cartridges. It works with a variety of bullet weights and styles, allowing shooters to achieve optimum accuracy, consistency, and pressure levels. IMR 4831 also has great temperature stability, meaning that loads shot at different temperatures will all behave the same way. Additionally, this powder is extremely economical and can be recycled several times before it needs to be replaced.

Due to its properties, IMR 4831 is an excellent choice for many types of shooting applications. For hunters who enjoy varmint or big game hunting, the wide range of bullets supported allows them to find the perfect load for their particular project. This powder would also be great with target grades such as match-grade cartridges where precise accuracy may be necessary. No matter what type of shooting one engages in, IMR 4831 provides reliable results with every trigger pull.

IMR 4227 Powder

IMR 4227 is a single-base, spherical propellant that is designed for use in handgun cartridges. It offers an excellent combination of velocity and pressure consistency, which makes it great for target shooting applications. Furthermore, IMR 4227 has proven to be a reliable performer with various bullet weights and loads. It also enables the shooter to fine-tune their reloads for a wide variety of shooting conditions.

IMR 4227 is an especially popular choice with cowboy action shooters and small game hunters. It produces velocities and pressures that are suitable for the intended use, while still providing great accuracy. Furthermore, it is highly temperature stable, meaning that loads shot in different environments will all behave the same way.

Overall, IMR 4227 is a great choice for any shooter who needs a reliable, consistent propellant. It can be used in a wide variety of handgun applications, from small game hunting to competition shooting. If you are looking for an accurate and consistent powder, IMR 4227 is worth considering.