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CCI Primers

CCI Primers offer a wide variety of high-performance products that cater to the needs and wants of their customers. From consumers looking for quality primers for their firearms to those who need specialized and reliable ammunition, CCI has you covered. Their selection of primers features traditional components like Small Pistol Magnum and Large Rifle Magnums designed for muzzleloading applications as well as select options such as Large Pistol Multi-Purpose Primer which are ideal for competition shooting.

When it comes to choosing the right ammunition for your rifle, pistol, or shotgun, there’s no better choice than CCI Primers. Whether you’re looking for large rifle primers, small pistol primers, magnum large rifle primers or something else entirely, CCI has it all covered. For over 50 years they have been providing shooters with the reliable products and consistent performance that they need to hit their mark every time. Their extensive range of primer types includes the CCI 200, 250, 450, 500, and even magnum options; so no matter what you’re shooting at the range or in the field, CCI Primers have got you covered.

The selection here at CCI Primer Store covers the needs of most reloaders. We currently have in stock the versatile #209 Shotshell primer and the Small Pistol Primer #500 variant perfect for centerfire handgun cartridge loads. Both varieties are designed to perform with excellent accuracy under different temperatures and weather conditions; each is individually tested to give your rounds as much power as possible with little to no misfires or jams. No wonder hobbyists count on these components when it matters most! Order yours today and enjoy making rounds with confidence in knowing your ammunition won’t let you down!

For those who need an extra edge in accuracy and performance, CCI offers specialty primers like Bullseye or Short Match made with an ultra-hard rubber cup that resists blowout at maximum pressures. The use of non-corrosive compounds makes CCI’s precision lineup the top choice for competitive target shooters around the globe. With a comprehensive range of products, there is something perfect for every firearm user from novice competitors to experienced veterans alike. It’s easy to find exactly what you need when you visit their online shop, where they have a range of products ready to send right away.

Not only are CCI Primers reliable and accurate, but they also help reduce the risk of misfires and other malfunctions. These primers feature a unique internal design that ensures reliable ignition in all weather conditions and at any altitude. Furthermore, all CCI Primers are backed by a lifetime warranty, so you can have peace of mind knowing your purchase is covered should anything ever go wrong.

CCI Large Rifle Primers No. 200 | 1,000 Count

CCI Large Rifle Primers are a quality source of ignition for your reloading needs. These primers have gone through rigorous testing and are continuously improved to ensure maximum sensitivity, accuracy, and ease of use. They feature modern non-corrosive and non-mercuric initiator mixes for the cleanest burn possible, which makes them perfect for both progressive and automated loading equipment.

The CCI No. 200 Large Rifle Primer is available in 1,000 counts, enough to provide you with enough primers for a full reloading session. This large quantity allows for greater savings when making bulk purchases making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to supply their shop or armory with reliable primers. With their consistency and performance levels being consistently tested and improved on a regular basis you can trust that this option gives you nothing but the best possible ignition every time.

When it comes to ammunition, consistency and reliability are crucial. Enter CCI Large Rifle Primers, a dependable choice for shooters. These primers are renowned for their:

1. Consistency: CCI ensures each primer performs consistently shot after shot.

2. Versatility: Tailored to various calibers and applications, they suit the needs of competitive shooters, hunters, and plinkers alike.

3. Sensitivity and Stability: CCI Large Rifle Primers strike a balance between ignition sensitivity and stability, minimizing misfires.

4. Innovation: CCI invests in research and development to deliver superior performance, even under challenging conditions.

5. Safety: Stringent safety standards are followed during manufacturing.

6. Environmental Responsibility: CCI is committed to eco-friendly manufacturing practices.

In summary, CCI Large Rifle Primers, with their reliability, versatility, and commitment to innovation, are the go-to choice for ammunition enthusiasts. They offer precision and safety from the very beginning of your shooting journey. Choose CCI Large Rifle Primers, and experience the difference you can trust.

Buy CCI 200 Primers In Stock

CCI 200 primers are some of the most reliable and consistent products on the market, perfect for amateur or professional shooters. These primers offer maximum sensitivity, ensuring a reliable shot with every use. Manufactured with high-quality metals and materials, these primers have been tested extensively for compatibility with various loading equipment to ensure maximum safety. Further, they are non-corrosive to leave no corrosive residue in your loading equipment or firearm for added protection and long-lasting optimal performance. Thanks to CCI’s continuous testing and improvement process, their primers are now even more sensitive while being easier to seat than ever before.

The CCI 250 primers are one of the best products on the market for shooters. Not only are they widely available and affordable, but they are also highly reliable and deliver great performance. These primers have been tested extensively and have felt the pressure of high-performance rounds with no problems whatsoever. Whether it’s target shooting or a long-range hunt, having a reliable primer like the CCI 250 is a must.

In addition to the already popular CCI 250 primers, now offers Federal 215 primers as well at discounted prices. This makes it easy to get started with premium quality ammunition at an even lower cost compared to other brands. These Federal 215 primers provide a great balance between reliability and affordability while pairing perfectly with today’s medium to large calibers. So for anyone looking for great quality ammunition at a fraction of the cost, consider buying your next batch of CCI 250 or Federal 215 primers from

If you’re looking for CCI 200 primers, then look no further! Our store stocks them in abundance so you can get your hands on them in no time at all. We carry a wide variety of sizes and varieties so you can find just what you need regardless of whether you are an amateur or professional shooter. We know how reliable these primers are so we make sure that we always stock them up ready to go when you need them the most! So don’t wait any longer – buy CCI 200 Primers from us today.

Cascade Cartridge, Inc. (CCI) has a six-decade legacy of producing top-quality primers, with CCI 200 Primers standing out for their consistency and reliability. These primers strike a balance between sensitivity and stability, making them ideal for precision shooting. CCI offers a wide range of primers to suit various calibers and applications, ensuring versatility for all shooters.

Innovation is at the core of CCI’s success, with a commitment to research and development resulting in superior performance even under challenging conditions. Safety is paramount, with stringent standards followed during primer manufacturing. Additionally, CCI’s dedication to eco-friendly practices showcases its commitment to environmental responsibility.

In summary, CCI 200 Primers are a top choice for ammunition enthusiasts, offering precision, reliability, and versatility. Choosing CCI 200 Primers means investing in excellence, with the confidence that each shot will perform consistently.

Specifications of CCI 200 large rifle primers

The CCI 200 Large Rifle Primers are an excellent choice for achieving consistent and reliable ammunition performance. These primers provide a robust and reliable spark that will consistently ignite all types of powder in any kind of rifle cartridge. With 1000 pieces per package, they’re an excellent value that makes it easier to stock up on these high-quality primers. The larger size of the primer also ensures more surface area contact inside the pocket, which can further increase ignition reliability.

These CCI Large Rifle Primers come with an extra-hard cup designed for use with standard large magnum loads and are also reliably used in small-capacity cartridges. The cups feature a non-corrosive multiple-discharge initiated explosive compound, making them even harder to set off accidentally. Manufactured in compliance with US Standards for explosives, these primers ensure consistency every time you fire a round from your rifle.

The CCI 200 Large Rifle Primers stands as a reliable and consistent choice for discerning reloaders striving to craft superior ammunition for large rifle cartridges. Renowned for precision, reliability, and impeccable ignition, these primers have earned the trust of the shooting community. When combined with high-quality reloading components and impeccable reloading practices, the CCI 200 Large Rifle Primers elevate accuracy and performance, setting new standards in the realm of shooting endeavors.